Learn About Our Office Cleaning

Office cleaning : We start from the top and work our way down. Starting with high dusting.  We dust the air vents, light fixtures,  ceiling corners and fan units. Then we move to wall art and door frames. With the high dusting done. We move to standard dusting. Here we dust book shelves,  countertops,  window sills, blinds, and any other surfaces that collect dust. We do desk and work areas according to the customer’s directions. Trash is next. We empty trash and recycling containers. We’ll remove packing boxes if they are marked as trash.  In restrooms and break rooms. We disinfect sinks, countertops,  and toilets. We’ll refill all the supplies and clean the mirrors. We move onto the entryways. We’ll remove cobwebs and clean glass doors. Finally we sweep, vacuum,  and mop before leaving. We use a correspondence book, so the customer can relay any issue to the cleaning crew. We also, if the customer so request,  use this book to inform customers of issues as well. We can let you know when you’re low on supplies, so you can reorder them.

Move out or move in services: Your new office not as clean as you would like. Let us out fox your dirt. We’ll  come in and clean your office according to your needs. This can range from a simple cleaning to deodorizing and cleaning carpets. Moving out and want all of your deposit back. We can come in and clean your office from top to bottom. We can make your office move in ready for next tenant.

Tile and grout : Dingy grout? Tile not what it used to be? Let us fix that for you. We can save you from getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing  all day long. We have the equipment and the chemicals to get the job done .